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I am intrigued by the natural process of renewal.  Life follows death follows life as sure as day follows night follows day. 


My creative practice focuses on emergence, regeneration and natural progression, drawing influences from nature and mankind’s experience of nature.  There is no such thing as ‘status quo’.  We live in a dynamic system and new forms are always evolving.  Sure, we might witness the end of a way of being over here, but the seeds of something new are around the corner.  We see this in the natural world.  Whenever one thing ceases to be, something else emerges, adapts, evolves and expands to fill the space.

My work experiments with forms falling down and rising up again.  Be that pieces from the burnt-out Royal Clarence Hotel, microscopic creatures, shards of porcelain or the human form.   


I am also intrigued by the notion of vulnerability and how this is often masked with overt statements of apparent confidence and certainty.  This makes me curious as to how we express the masculine, the feminine and the human.

In my explorations around the theme of renewal, I have been intrigued by:


  • Permanence - mankind may try to make his mark last forever, but nature is a more potent force

  • Political hypocrisy - why does great leadership often require the 'little people' to make sacrifices?


  • Overpopulation - how many more people do we need?


  • Growth from industrial decline - as one empire collapses, what might replace it?

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