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Scension Dance Day soundtracks

We invite you to select one of the versions of 'Tomorrow Now' that have been specially composed by FONN for the Scension Dance Day.


Please do not share these sound files with anyone else apart from your dance organisation.  It's really important that these tracks, or even clips from them, do not appear on social media until after the Scension Dance Day on Sat 17th July 2021. 

Thank you!

There are two versions of the 'Tomorrow Now' dance track to choose from.  Don't be concerned about the timelength of 5 minutes.  If needs be, we can fade out to a length that suits your group. 


N.B. these are compressed soundfiles for rehearsal only.  We will play full quality soundtracks on the Scension Dance Day.


This is the LYRICAL version (5 mins):

Tomorrow Now - LYRICAL comp - Radio EditFONN
00:00 / 05:07

And this is the LOOSER version, with fewer lyrics (5 mins):

Tomorrow Now - LOOSER comp - Radio Edit FONN
00:00 / 05:05

Remember: please don't share these files on social media.  Thank you.