Burnt out Royal Clarence Hotel on Exeter
Burnt timber from Royal Clarence Hotel 4
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Resurgo (I rise again)...

“E cineribus resurgo” – out of the ashes, I rise again. Coping with the aftermath of destruction can be challenging. However, once the embers have died and the rains have cooled, we are left with a fertile dust. Out of these ashes, something new can emerge, form and grow. 


Resurgo re-re-uses the historic burnt timbers from Hope & Renewal to dramatise the movement from the horizontal to the vertical, as if the material is rising again and heralding a new future.

Resurgo (I Rise Again) builds on pilot work that helped people to explore and process moving on after set-backs. This project aims to promote wellbeing and social cohesion, for groups including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly people experiencing mental health issues. The project gives people different ways to work with the arts  and to access their experiences of set-backs, process them and move on in ways that are meaningful to them, (re)connecting with nature and the natural world. 

Resurgo Creative Wellbeing Workshops

"Working with dedicated support workers, other artists and student volunteers from Exeter University, we explored building strength and resilience by noticing and recording things that make us feel good about ourselves."

Strength and Resilience

In 2020, I co-led a series of 5 pilot Creative Wellbeing Workshops with clients of charity Headway Devon. We explored building strength and resilience and, during the workshops, participants created special boxes that could be taken away to store treasures and memories. Some of these were prompted by creative interventions using music, movement, painting, writing and clay.

After these workshops, J said “It was interesting to explore music and to try something new with links between music and art.”  K shared “It was great that we could draw to the music without anyone judging us. I realise that I’ve drawn what’s going on for me in my life right now and I’m going to share this with my family.” 

You can read a short PDF report here.

More workshops are planned for later in 2021 with United Response and CoLab Exeter.


Help to create a community sculpture

Engage with the theme of set-backs and moving on, to build hope in a way that is meaningful to you, by helping to create a community sculpture.

Tree Of Hope artist's impression
Tree Of Hope

This co-created installation, Tree Of Hope, gives visitors to Exeter Cathedral a practical way to engage with the theme of set-backs and building hope in a way that is meaningful for them, be that:

  • at a personal level – responding to loss due to Covid-19

  • at a community level – responding to insularity as a result of social distancing

  • at a planetary level – responding to global warming and sustainability issues

Everyone who visits Exeter Cathedral from Sat 12th June - Mon 30th Aug is invited to help create a community sculpture. All materials are provided but please check times when the activity desk will be open. Visitors will be able to:

  • Cut out a leaf

  • On one side, write something that you’d like to have remembered from your past

  • On the other, something you’d hope to see happen in the future

  • Crease it up like a beech leaf

  • Hang it on the Tree Of Hope

  • Perhaps take a photo and share #treeofhope

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Resurgo is related to the integrated arts Scension creative project