Vitality and Vulnerability
This theme is inspired by classical traditions from ancient Greece, blended with a contemporary twist. These torsos show strength and vitality while deep fissures hint at interior vulnerabilities.
Hope & Renewal
Recycling 500-year-old salvaged timbers from the fire at Britain's oldest hotel. Installations at Exeter Cathedral, Powderham Castle, Teignmouth Lighthouse. Linked to Creative Wellbeing Workshops.
Photo: CC Aerial Solutions
“E cineribus resurgo” (out of the ashes, I rise again) re-re-uses burnt timbers from Hope & Renewal to dramatise the movement from the horizontal to the vertical, as if rising again and heralding a new future. Linked to Creative Wellbeing Workshops.
Dramatising the hope that can come when new growth emerges from the old, perhaps making something stronger or more beautiful than what we saw before the fall?
Scension (Ending=Beginning)
Ambiguity is part of the natural order. An ending can be a beginning. When something dies, it creates space for others to grow. When the great oak tree falls, it spawns space and light for a thousand seedlings. Ascension. Descension. Scension. Linked to dance workshops.
Counterbalancing the obsession with growth, progression, success we have fall, decline, returning to earth. Asteria, goddess of falling stars knew all about this.
Al Mutanabbi
Mutanabbi Street is the historic center of Baghdad bookselling and synonymous with the sharing of knowledge and ideas. On 5 March, 2007, a car bomb destroyed the street and killed 26 people. Ideas can not be killed.
Sculpture exploring how wizened, desiccated, seemingly dead old plants can give birth to the most delicate shoots. It's new life from old, right in front of our eyes.
Many public sculptures place the male figure in poses that imply stoic strength and certainty. In contrast, the female figure is often portrayed in stances of submission or in poses that convey a fuller range of emotions, from trust through to vulnerability.
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